Who are Filton?

With Filton Brewery Products infancy over 20 years ago began a revolution in out of cellar cask cooling; the now industry standard Cask Cooling Saddle and Jacket, a unique method of cooling your casks in the absence of a chilled environment.

Since those early developments we have established our place in the market as leaders in innovation and progression. During the intervening years further products have been established with Filton now supplying hundreds of breweries and events throughout the UK and abroad. Trusting Filton with their requirements customers return time and again, trusting us with their essential needs and requirements, whatever the nature of their enquiry, in the knowledge that we will provide the utmost service.

As a specialist supplier of cask cooling and beer festival equipment our extensive product range covers solutions to suited to a variety of environments. Whether back bar dispense, beer festival hire equipment or bespoke racking we have a range of options for you to choose from.

Our extended range of related products covers all the items you would require for the day to day running of your business, from garden play equipment to stock checking to bottle coolers to pipe and line fittings, all selected to the highest quality and standards. We aim to supply the industry with only superior products and excellent service, striving to exceed customer expectations, whilst endeavouring to provide the best possible solution to meet their requirements.

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East Sussex
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